We produce a customized OEM product
and Export them for you

  • Agricultural Product
  • Health Food
  • Special product
  • Functional drink
  • R&D product
  • Imported beverage
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R&D Marketing Strategy
Distribution Import/Export
CJGB Products
  • ● Professional R&D, set up master plan, strategic promotion for your successful OEM business
  • ● OEM products : Cherry Blossom Sparkling, Flower Ade, Fruit Sparkling, Anti-hangover drink, all made in Korea.
  • ● MOQ for the OEM product is 300,000 per order. Inquire any type of Korean drink.
  • ● Contact to Eric Park, a director of CJGB Co., Ltd. at cjgb0513@naver.com or +82.70.4047.5674